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Season of the Ficus

Houseplants transform a house into a home. The ficus group includes four popular small trees grown as houseplants, each looking very different from one another. Wonderful as gifts, smaller plants continue growing and reminding the recipient of the good wishes given along with the plant.

Holiday Pairings: Poinsettias & Chrysanthemums

Poinsettias and chrysanthemums go together like, well, holidays and happiness! If you’ve been plunking down your poinsettias all by themselves, it’s time to jazz it up and give them some decorating companionship. White mums provide a crisp background making those poinsettias POP!

Holiday “Cactus” (Schlumbergera varieties)

Halloween? It’s “Holiday Cactus time!” You may know them as Thanksgiving cactus, Christmas cactus or Crab Cactus. Whatever you call them, they’re certainly bright and cheerful.